Scratch Golf Forged Wedge Club

Custom Grind, Chrome JLM 1018 DS

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Scratch Golf Forged Wedge Club These Scratch Golf wedges have developed a cult following for two reasons: They are very soft and have a different grind to suit every swing type.

When you first look at the club, it looks a bit generic, just a plain smoky chrome finish with an "S" on it. But don't be fooled; this is one of the best wedges out there and the fastest growing wedge on the PGA Nationwide Tour.

Let's start with the 1018 Forged Steel. The "1018" is the softest steel you will find in a golf club. (Typically we see most clubs made from 1025 steel.) The soft feel of this club is second to none. If you are the type of player that enjoys playing different shots around the green and you like to be creative, this is the wedge for you. The grooves are a "proprietary ABC groove" which has a strong bite but does not scuff your golf ball like the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedge that I currently play with.

The main thing that sets this wedge apart is the different sole grinds. You see, a wedge can be grinded differently to alter the angle of impact. This particular wedge is the "DS" which stand for Driver / Slider. This has a moderate angle of attack. If you are looking for a shallow angle to sweep the ball off the turf, take a look at the "SS" - Sweeper / Slider. And for those of you who want to drive through the ball and take a divot, check out the "DD" - Digger / Driver. It is grinded with a steep angle of attack.

Check out the video on Scratch Golf's grinding process below:

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