Odyssey Modified Mallet Putter, White Ice 7

Offset w/ Insert, Alignment Aid

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey Modified Mallet Putter, WhiteThis is a good putter to go with if you've been shaking in your boots over those short putts. The big mallet has a high MOI that will fix some slight miscues and help get your confidence back. I like the alignment aid on this mallet as well -- three black dots to help you line the ball up in the center of the clubface.

This #7 is from Odyssey's new White Ice line. Touted as their most responsive insert to date, Odyssey constructed this line after getting feedback from PGA Tour pros. The pros are looking for responsiveness, resiliency, and consistency, and that is what Odyssey has very effectively constructed.

The #7 is a modified mallet with weighted alignment wings, and a double-bend shaft with a full shaft offset. The insert is multi-layered and has been roughened to create a better sound when stroking through putts with soft golf balls. What's more is the rough texture also increases friction so that the ball is gripped and comes off the face smoothly as opposed to jumping or skidding.

Finally, the White Ice line has a dark nickel finish for a pleasing look that reduces glare. And tour-tuned weight ports in the sole are used to balance the putter depending on the shaft length.

I don't usually putt with these big mallets because I like the feel of a blade putter better for stroking those longer putts. I would recommend the Odyssey White Ice #1 Putter.

However, this #7 putter is the one to go with for making more of those short knee knockers!

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