LAWs of the Golf Swing Hardcover Book

Jim Suttie, T.J. Tomasi, Mike Adams

Posted by Robert

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LAWs of the Golf Swing Hardcover Book If you are built exactly like Tiger Woods, then you can skip this review. Otherwise, read on. This book talks about the rarely-mentioned topic that we should learn the golf swing based upon our body type.

Three top golf instructors, Mike Adams, T.J. Tomasi, and Jim Suttie, came up with this technique to customize your golf swing to your body type. They break down body types into three categories: "L" for Leverage encompassing average builds and average flexibility, "A" for Arc consisting of tall body types with maximum flexibility, and "W" for Width covering thicker torsos with less flexibility.

This book will help you identify which group you are in and then give you lessons and drills to help you utilize your natural tendencies and minimize your deficiencies.

I like this book, and every serious golfer should have it in their library. Anybody who has studied the game in any length has noticed there is often conflicting advice in lessons and teachings. This book gets to the crux of that and will give you specific lessons to your body type.

That being said, this book sure could use a lot more photos and illustrations. Sometimes I'm left guessing as to what the author has in mind.

Another book I really like and recommend to everybody is Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf. This book isn't as technical, but is more of diary of one of the world's best golf teachers.

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