Honma Men’s Iron Set TW904

Beres Cavity Back Milled Golf Clubs, 6 Irons #5-10

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Honma Men's Iron Set TW904

These TW904s are a great buy.  That is, if you’d rather buy golf clubs than go on a cruise around the world.  But what the heck -- maybe you can afford both.  (Incidentally, if you can afford both, I’m available for golf lessons during your cruise.)

These TW904 irons are designed for you better millionaires  -- ahem -- I mean, golfers.  This is because they are built with a flow capacity by number.  The cavity is designed with a different thickness distribution depending on the number.  The thicker point of impact makes the ball fly higher and less affected by wind.

However, they still have a big, forgiving club face with a cavity back design.  The face is milled, and the shafts are hand-crafted.  This shaft has a rating of 2 (out of 5), which is the measure of the grade of carbon in the shaft.  The higher the carbon quality means less rubber content, and thus the quicker and more consistent the shaft rebounds on your downswing.  This helps deliver more energy where you want it -- into the golf ball.

All kidding aside, Honma Beres is a well-established Japanese club maker whose clients include Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, and Danny DeVito.  Grab these irons and head to the first tee.  They might need a fourth.

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