Honma Elite Japanese Golf Iron Set, 6-11

Beres MG703 Handmade Club & Shaft

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Honma Elite Japanese Golf Iron Set,

Nope, it’s not a typo -- these irons are a little “spendy.”  Honma is an elite Japanese golf company that has been around for 50 years.  In Japan, rich businessmen use Honma golf clubs as bonuses for their employees.  The company is in Yamagata, Tokyo. They say that 150 processes performed by 50 skilled craftsmen go into making one of these golf clubs.  Wow, that’s almost as extensive as the work that’s gone into creating Joan River’s face...

These MG703 irons have an active sole.  That is, the portion of the sole that lands on the ball has been made smaller to lessen resistance on contact.  Weight has been shifted to the bottom of the sole, giving it a lower center of gravity, which gives the ball a higher trajectory and farther carry.

The sweet spot is my favorite part, though.  Honma has used a revolutionary design that makes the sweet spot 57% larger than their previous model.  They achieve this using a hyper cross face design.

I recommend these irons to anybody that has the money to throw down on some cutting-edge technology coming from an established golf company in Japan.

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