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Soft Leather Waterproof Classics

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Footjoy DryJoys Men's Golf Shoes FootJoy's DryJoys shoe has been an extremely successful model for the company. It comes in several different styles — we'll talk about the DryJoy in general first, and then we'll get to some details on the variations.

First off, let me just say that I'm going to gush a little in this review. FootJoy DryJoys are my favorite golf shoe, so I might sound like I'm a little over the top here. But I'll give you some good reasons and then I will point out one downside with the shoe.

The DryJoys are my favorite because they are so comfortable. The main reason is because of the soft leather. It's FootJoy's "ECL Leather System by Pittards." This is a proprietary waterproofing system constructed with Pittards of England. ECL stands for "Extreme Comfort Leather" and it is 30% softer than previous Footjoy models. What's more is it has a 2-year waterproof warranty.

Another reason the shoe is so comfortable is because it has full leather linings and EVA Fit-Beds. The leather linings are very comfortable and make the shoe breathable, and the EVA Fit is a ethyl vinyl acetate foot bed which cushions under your foot and never loses its shape.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and claim that FootJoys are the most comfortable shoe on the market. You will not find a more comfortable shoe that is also 100% waterproof. As one of my golf buddies (a 3 handicapper) put it the other day, "When you first put on a FootJoy shoe (after buying them), it feels like they've already been broken in for you." That's a pretty good endorsement.

Unfortunately, there's a small downside to the softer leather. These shoes tend to wear a little quicker than other high-end brands. If you are interested in a shoe that has a longer life, take a look at Adidas Golf Fitrx Golf Shoes. They have Adidas' AdiTuff technology on the toe. This is an abrasion-resistant material that protects the toe from wear.

The variations in DryJoys are mostly cosmetic. Some details on that:

  • The 53703 is the standard, saddle style. This is the classic look that many people prefer.
  • The 53761 or 53762 is a sportier-looking model. This is a departure from the standard saddle style. It's sportier and looks like a good-looking running shoe.
  • The P.R.O. version is a higher-end model this is increasingly hard to find. The 'PRO' stands for Platform Responsive Outsole. This outsole is fused by a lightweight, but very strong, aluminized-fiberglass bridge. This is designed to give the golfer stability in the mid-foot section while reducing the heaviness of the shoe.
  • Other variations include the 53622, the 53614 and the 53729. These are stylistic differences, still closely resembling the classic look, but with solid black and brown colors instead of the two-tone look.

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