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Men’s Waterproof Leather 54108

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FootJoy Contour Golf Shoes These FootJoy Contour series are the most comfortable shoes that I've ever worn. Right out of the box, they feel like they are already broken in. If you have problems with your dogs barking after a round of golf, you will want to give these shoes a try.

These shoes are designed with full-grain waterproof leather uppers and a contoured urethane midsole insert and a contoured ultra-cushioned EVA midsole. What's more is, they come with a two-year waterproof warranty.

It's very rare that I run across a golf shoe that is completely waterproof and also this comfortable. Most fully waterproof shoes are made of stiff leather that takes some time to break in and beat up your feet in the process. This is not the case with these FootJoy Contour shoes. The first time you put them on, they feel like they've already been broken in.

On the down side, I've had problems with these shoes not lasting as long as the aforementioned stiff leather shoes. With these particular shoes, I've had problems with the interior of the shoe wearing out. If this is a concern for you, take a look at Adidas' Fitrx Golf Shoes. These shoes are built to take a beating and are also very comfortable.

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