Callaway Warbird Stand Bag

Black & Orange w/ Backpack Straps

Posted by Robert

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Callaway Warbird Stand Bag The old bag deserved a proper burial at sea! My old golf bag, that is. Although, my golf buddy Larry thought the lake at #17 wasn't necessarily the most appropriate spot. Larry is always waxing philosophical with this "right time and right place" nonsense. What could be a better place than the lake guarding the green at Indian Ball Eater Ridge, and what better time then after I just dunked my approach shot leading to my third double bogey of the day?

All kidding aside though, I've got to tell you about the newest addition to my golf arsenal. I finally threw out that old cloth bag and bought a Callaway Warbird Golf Bag. This bag is very lightweight. Just relieving the strain on my back has taken strokes off of my game. It weighs just over 8 lbs. and has comfortable padded arm straps that you put on like a backpack. It stands upright on a very solid base.

Callaway has a great design when it comes to the stand bag, and the legs pop out with no effort whatsoever. It's got four pockets which can hold a tremendous amout of gear. I currently have my rain pants, rain jacket, golf shoes, and of course enough golf balls for one round of golf (which amounts to about three boxes). Finally, it has a very convenient pocket for a water bottle (or a beer bottle) that is easily reached without removing the bag from your back.

The only thing I don't like about the bag is that I prefer to have more dividers for keeping my clubs organized and not clanging together.

So who cares what Larry thinks? That heavy old cloth golf bag deserves to be at the bottom to the lake! I just wish I had grabbed my car keys out of the side pocket before casting it into its final resting place.

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