Ogio Wire Golf Stand or Carry Bag Backpack

Sherlock Plaid, Red, Black Stealth, Camo

Posted by Robert

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Ogio Wire Golf Stand or Carry BagCheck out the Sherlock Plaid color for this bag. It's my favorite. Of course if I had this bag, I would never stop annoying my playing partners with my Sherlock Holmes impressions….

"Elementary my dear Watson, simply eliminate the possibility of three-putting and all that is left is par... Elementary."

If Sherlock Holmes were a golfer, I think after much inspection, he'd appreciate this Ogio Wire Stand Bag. The bag is Ogio's lightest stand bag and is built for comfort. You have a choice of carrying this bag like a tour caddy, over one shoulder with one strap, or convert in easily into two backpack style straps.

It has a 7" Woode top for organizing all of your clubs and keeping them from banging together, and it has many pockets for all your balls, tees, and a rain suit.

I like how the pockets are all fleece-lined, and my favorite thing (besides the Sherlock Plaid) is the easily accessible water bottle holder. I can get to it even with the bag on my back.

If the Sherlock Plaid is not to your liking, the bag also comes in red, stealth, and camo. The camo is pretty wild too, I reckon.

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