Bridgestone E7 Golf Balls Review

Hard Surylin Cover, Long Distance & Low Flight

Posted by Robert

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Bridgestone E7 Golf Balls Review This is the Bridgestone E7. It's geared more for distance, specifically for a low piercing trajectory. Let's open up the hood and take a look:

The E7 is the next generation of the E7+, only the E7 seems even harder to me. These balls are multilayer balls that go long and straight. The ball is less affected by wind or side spin from your driver. The cover is a very durable surlyn. This is quite a bit harder then urethane, which is used in the better feeling balls. However, it is very long and durable.

The Pros: If you are a slicer or a hooker. (Ahem… I mean you hook the ball.) Then these balls should help fix that some. However, remember there is no ball that is completely slice proof, except maybe a marshmallow. It’s virtually impossible to slice a marshmallow – trust me, I’ve tried! The problem is that marshmallows don’t fly very far.

Where was I? Oh yeah, More Pros: The ball is one of the longest out there. Lack of spin and multiple layers equates to a ball that shoots off your club and flies like a meteorite. When it lands in anything but water (keep an eye out for that) it rolls like a crazy ball. It’s also very durable. Just try and crack this ball – I dare you. Use a blow torch. I don’t care. This ball is like my grandma’s couch that has been reinforced with plastic to save the material. Two raccoons could mate on my grams couch and it’d be no worse for wear. The ironic thing about a ball that is so durable is the majority of people that play this ball hit ‘em into the woods or the water. Oh well.

The Cons: With any distance ball, one gives up feel. If we go back to the couch analogy, grandma’s couch is slightly more pleasing then hitting one of these golf balls. If you’ve been lucky enough to play with a more expensive “players” ball, then you have had the luxury of experiencing how nice it is when you make solid contact. It’s like butter. (If you haven’t, then don’t start now. You’ll get hooked and it will cost you a fortune.

That’s about the only downside, other than spin around the greens. Whereas a Titleist Pro V will stop quick on the green, these E7s will keep rolling out.

To summarize, I recommend these balls for higher handicappers that are looking for a good distance ball that will have a piercing trajectory and run like crazy when it hits the ground. For a little softer feel, buy the older E7+ ball. To me, it's not as "clicky" but still just as long.

If you want a better feel ball for the money, you can get the Bridgestone E5 (with the aforementioned softer urethane cover) for almost the same price as these E7s.

And if you are looking for something even higher end, the Bridgestone B330 and B330-S are Bridgestone's premier tour balls.

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