Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls 330 B330

Freddy Couples

Posted by Robert

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Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls 330 B330 Freddy Couples is the man! He's Mr. Cool, with the silky smooth tempo and the "I couldn't care less" attitude. He's the Bridgestone poster boy, and is also why I tried these Bridgestone Tour 330s.

It's a great ball design for low handicappers with fast swing speeds. The ball has a great feel and flies high and long. It has a "Gradational Core" designed for a speedy launch with reduced spin. The cover is Urethane cover with a seamless 330 dimple design.

This ball matches up well with the Pro V1. I'd say the two are interchangeable except for the firmness of the Bridgestone. The Pro V1 has a softer feel.

Of course "Boom Boom" (Freddy) has such soft hands, he doesn't care how firm the ball is. Did I mention Freddy is the man?

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