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Freddy Couples | Mid to High Handicap

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Bridgestone E6+ Golf Balls "Boom Boom" Freddy Couples is the Bridgestone man. I'm pretty sure he doesn't play these particular E6+ golf balls, but Lee Trevino might. And I'm betting you should.

This is a moderately priced ball for the mid to high handicappers. It's a three-piece ball consisting of a core, mantle layer, and ionomer cover. The reason it's a little more expensive than your typical Top Flite ball is because the Bridgestone E6's low-compression core and mantle layer will take some of the sting of that hook or slice. In other words, the ball is designed to spin less and be more forgiving when you leave that driver face open at impact.

In addition, the E6+ has a seamless dimple pattern which also helps to promote a more consistent ball flight, and the ball has a pretty soft feel for a distance ball.

If you are looking for a high performance ball for under $30, this is your ball. If you want to take another step up, by all means take a gander at the Bridgestone B330-RX. This ball has a urethane cover and is the softest multilayer ball on the market. Even Boom Boom might have a few of these in his bag.

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