Bag Boy Golf Bag w/ Wheels

T-1000 Travel Cover

Posted by Robert

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Bag Boy Golf Bag w/ Wheels Golf Clubs? Check.

Golf Shoes? Check.

Umbrella? Check.

Golf Balls? Check.

Golf Hat? Check.

Golf towel? Check.

Rain suit? Check.

Kitchen sink? Check.

It's all going to fit in the Bag Boy T-1000 Travel Cover. This bad boy is designed to hold all your extras. It even comes with a removable laundry bag.

The best thing about this golf bag is can handle my longest driver. It's time to end the painstaking ritual of taking ‘The Big Dog' out before packing the old travel bag. Boy, is my 51-incher going to be happy! Poor thing has been ostracized from all his friends for so long, rolling around in my trunk with the tire iron and jumper cables.

All of my kids are well protected, too, as the bag is padded more heavily than a linebacker, and the inside strap holds the bag securely in place.

The only drawback is: although there are four storage pockets on the inside of the bag, it has nothing accessible on the outside. It'd be nice to have an easy access pocket so that I can get to my flip flops, or ball cap, or a clean pair of socks without having to dig through the bag.

Other than that, the bag is a great way to protect your precious investment, and with two inline skate wheels for easy transport, go ahead and load it up. Kitchen sink is optional.

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