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Burst Proof Luggage w/ Wheels

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Club Glove Travel Bag Ok, so I have a friend; I won't tell you his name. He works at an airport; I won't tell you which one. He loads luggage for a living and packs the planes; and yes, I'm sure he hates his job -- especially on the extreme weather days. Well, as I spoke with him the other day and we swapped work stories, he began to tell me how there are times when he and his coworkers... brace yourself... don't really care about the luggage that they hurl into the cargo holds.

I know. Shocker.

Instantly I began to think of how many times my Cobra Graphite Shafts have been rattling around inside my bag with only my goofy snap-on cover to protect them as my friend tossed them beside someone's checked Samsonite suitcase. I don't travel often, but when I do (call me crazy) I find some excuse to bring my sticks. We can't get better if we don't play, right?

So I tried the Club Glove Burst Proof Travel Bag. Bottom line: this is sturdy. It lives up to its name. Immediately obvious is the riveting that surrounds the case, so that at one glance you can tell it's solid. Its handles were easy to grasp and carry -- with a lower reinforced handle that really impressed me. I've tried other bags where they actually didn't include this, and it made it tougher to lift into a trunk (or hurl into a cargo bay.) The wheels are very smooth and easy to roll -- due to the fact that they are actually inline skate wheels instead of the cheap plastic ones. I had plenty of room for my clubs and shoes, plus there were some other pockets I didn't even use.

Here was the kicker: Protection. Lots of it. Thick, foam padding and a nice strap to keep the clubs from clacking around as a group of freezing, underpaid, and overworked cargo loaders hurl my irons and woods around.

My only beef is: the price. I've seen other cases for less, but they were made of cheaper materials. It would be a definite investment. But if you're a frequent traveler, it might save you in the long run. New clubs are spendy. Although, it is always good to keep a good excuse in your back pocket when you shank one into the woods: "Hey, I think they may have damaged my club during my flight. I NEVER hit the ball like this!"

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