Tommy Armour Silver Scot Iron Golf Club Set

Forged Steel Cavity Back

Posted by Robert

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Tommy Armour Silver Scot Iron Golf ClubI have to tell you, this is one of the best values I've seen for a set of irons since I've started reviewing clubs. These are Tommy Armour's Silver Scot Forged Cavity Backs, and they are a great-looking set of golf clubs.

Let's start with the faces. They have a forged cavity back design. The perimeter weighting gives you some forgiveness while the forged clubhead provides a good feel. It’s the best of both worlds because each iron has a bigger sweet spot without giving up feel.

Unless you are Tiger Woods, then chances are you don’t hit the ball in the middle of the clubface every time. With the "ol' school", blade irons anything off center will be week and dive into the bushes like a wounded duck. With these Silver Scots, mishits go farther and more online. That means instead of a buried lie in a greenside bunker, your chipping from the fringe.

Furthermore, I don’t like the feel of most cavity back irons because I can’t get a decent read in my hands when I miss it. Sure, the ball may not travel quite as far, but I don’t know if I "toed it" or "healed it." However, the forging in the Silver Scots give the club a similar feel as the blades. A mishit shot isn’t as painful as those blade shots that seem to reverberate up into your elbows, but I can certainly tell if I missed it out on the toe or back on the heal.

What's more, the irons having a curved topline throughout the set which gives you more forgiveness for those mishits high on the face. And the faces are not huge and oversized like those crazy ping pong paddle things you’ve seen in other player improvement clubs. This gives you the ability to work the ball.

Which brings me to another outdated myth that has been proven wrong with recent technology: That you have to swing blades for play ability. That’s simply not true. The biggest function of being able to move the ball left-to-right or right-to-left is your capability to control the clubface through impact, and this is more a matter of size then of shape. Obviously, a smaller clubface is easier to manipulate with your hands then a larger one. And these Silver Scots are right in the range that I like. They are very easy to control.

I recommend these golf clubs to golfers from low to mid-range handicaps. As I mentioned, they are very forgiving with decent feel and feedback. But they are not for beginners because they still take some ball striking consistency to really appreciate the feel and workability of the forged faces.

My favorite thing about the set are the rifle shafts. They come with Precision Rifle Shafts that are frequency matched for each club and they are "flighted" which gives you different trajectories for each iron, thus giving you easier swinging long irons and spot-on short irons.

The one drawback to this set is the grips are too thin. I would have the set re-gripped as soon as I got them out of the box. But don't fret the extra money having them re-gripped, because these clubs are an absolute steal.

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