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Laptop Computer Bag | Lined Sunglass Pocket Storage

Posted by Robert

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Ping Black Backpack Golf isn't just a sport anymore. It's a culture and a fashion. And golf companies aren't just making golf clubs and golf bags. Here's a backpack made by Ping, designed for us corporate types or students who are lugging around their laptops and all the other essentials that we can't live without.

The Ping 2009 Backpack has a side-entry, padded laptop compartment and a fold down organizer pocket. It's got a cool magnetic key ring on the inside pocket, and the zippers are all oversized and durable.

I like the velour-line sunglass pocket the best. I am always losing my sunglasses, and this pocket makes it convenient to throw them in and pull them out.

On the downside, I don't like the style and look as much as the Club Backpack by Nike. In addition, I like how Nike has the small accessory pocket on top instead of on the bottom. For one, it's easier to access and pull my car keys and cell phone out of the top, and second, I can throw my iPod in the top while I'm wearing the backpack and easily run the head phones up to my "melon" to listen.

Although, I do like the fancy embroidered Ping logo. With golf becoming a fashion statement, I wonder where it will end… I can't wait to go to a wedding wearing a formal Ping Tuxedo.

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