Lamkin Men’s Golf Grip Kit, Soft & Tacky

Performance Plus White or Black

Posted by Robert

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Lamkin Men's Golf Grip Kit, Soft &Want to add 5 yards to your golf game? No, this isn't a review of a new gargantuan driver that is shaped like a toaster oven. You need to change your golf grips. Worn golf grips cause you to grip the club tighter, and gripping the club tighter robs you of precious swing speed. Plus, it can also lead to inconsistent ball striking.

These Lamkin Performance Plus Grips are just that: chock-full of high performance technology. These grips are made with Lamkin's 3Gen material. This is a unique synthetic rubber that is soft and tacky.

The best thing about the grip is the vibration dampening qualities of the grip. The material kills all those horrible nasty vibrations that you can feel all the way up into your elbows.

The grip has a very low torque rating. This means it helps resist twisting as you take that mighty lash at the golf ball.

I recommend these grips for all golfers. I'm not sure about the all-white color, but you can't beat the grip for the feel and the tackiness. It has an extraordinary soft feel, the tacky material is very easy to wipe clean, and it feels like new on every shot.

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