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Men’s Golf Shoe | Big Bertha Spikes

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Callaway Sport Era The Callaway Sport Era Golf Shoe is Callaway's take on a semi-formal, comfortable golf shoe. It is designed to be light, breathable, durable and stylish, while not breaking the bank.

The shoe is lined with moisture-wicking, breathable material that will keep your feet cool and dry, which fixes a problem often encountered with golf shoes. This also makes them quite a bit more form-fitting than your average shoe in the same price range. Typically, moisture-wicking as well as a good pair of athletic socks (look for spandex in the materials) can make 18 holes feel more like 9 in terms of foot comfort.

The Sports Eras also come equipped with oversized Big Bertha spikes that ensure minimal slippage during your swing. If your experience has been anything like mine, the stock spikes on most shoes you've purchased are nothing to write home about, and by the time you finally have a pair broken in, the spikes have broken down and need to be replaced (Nike generally comes to mind). It's a refreshing change of pace to see a set of quality spikes attached to a pair of quality shoes.

The shoes themselves come in a variety of color combinations, and would be great for a casual pair of golf shoes that don't look too much like a pair of sneakers.

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