Callaway Women’s Gems Golf Shoe, Narrow

Swarovski Crystal Embellished, Waterproof White Leather

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Callaway Women's Gems Golf Shoe, Narrow These shoes come with gems! Callaway has "be-dazzled" the shoe with genuine Swarovski crystals down the side… Oooooooooh! By the way, what are Swarovski crystals? And when did Paris Hilton take up golf?

Let's take a look at the functional parts of the shoe and get back to Paris later...

All joking aside, these shoes actually have some of Callaway's cool technology. The shoes are completely waterproof using a soft waterproof leather upper and their RainSport/Drysport technology. This technology provides the shoe with a moisture-wicking lining in a breathable waterproof system that is more comfortable than those old stiff leather shoes.

Performance-wise, the shoes have a decent stability with great traction. However, these shoes run a bit narrow, and the toe is kind of pointy. For a wider shoe, check out Callaway's ultimate performance shoe: the Women's Hyperbolic Golf Shoe. This shoe comes with something called XWT technology. This is a forefoot pad that you can adjust to the width of each foot.

Having said that, I doubt Paris Hilton has very wide feet and the Hyperbolics don't have any bling adorning them. I'm sorry... never mind... I don't know what I was thinking...

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