Ping Scottsdale Pickmeup Putter

Men’s Belly or Long Mallet Club

Posted by Jess

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"NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Batman..."

Flat out, folks. That’s what this thing looks like. Appearances aside, I’ll give my honest feedback on this thing. Weird. It feels weird to swing, it’s weird to line up, and it produces a weird sort of “thunk” when the elastomer insert connects with the ball.

But here’s the even weirder thing: I sunk like 8 out of 10 of my putts while using it. No joke. Granted, it was in a store with a fake green and no pressure from skins or money. But the strokes always seemed to swing straight and true. I also really enjoyed how there was no offset in the shaft. It reminded me of an old blade putter I used to like -- with much more stability. Overall, with the lower price point, it would make a solid choice. There’s only one thing I couldn’t get the hang of -- the “pick me up” scoop. That sounds completely goofy, but I couldn’t ever pick the ball up with the back of the club. This in no way affects if I would buy this club or not -- especially with me clunking ball after ball into the cup.

The one thing that might get me to not purchase though is one of most vain and superficial reasons: the look. It looks like I’m wielding a superhero’s putter. Perhaps that would be a good thing. Get through all the jabbing and chuckles from my goofball friends and then sink putt after putt and laugh all the way to the drink cart -- where they have to buy.

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