Men’s Perimeter Weighted Putter

Orlimar Atom 3 w/ Head Cover

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Men’s Perimeter Weighted Putter In the last few decades, putters have progressed considerably. And why shouldn't they? Drivers are changing every year, and they only account for 18 strokes each round. If you're like me, your putter hits the ball almost half the time you step up to it, probably more than any other club in your bag. Shouldn't the two of you have a healthy, happy relationship?

The Orlimar Atom 3 Men's Putter is a perimeter weighted putter that is designed to give the ball a soft, forgiving touch that will satisfy any golfer who is unsatisfied with his or her putting game. If you're not happy with your current putter and feel like you're spending way too much time rolling your ball around the green, this putter could be an excellent tool for you.

How does it provide that forgiveness? The Orlimar Atom 3's weighted perimeter spreads weight evenly through the club face, creating an enlarged sweet spot. This in turn will nullify the effect that small inconsistencies in your putting have on the outcome. It also incorporates a polymer/metal insert behind the club face to soften it up a little bit.

Perimeter weighted putters are excellent for any beginner unhappy with their putting, but advanced golfers might find that it doesn't live up to their needs. Blade putters and offset putters will provide a much better feel for the ball, but require a more controlled, adept swing. However, if your mis-hits are leading to more and more three-putts, I would recommend switching to a putter like the Atom 3. You won't be disappointed.

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