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Yoga For Golfers DVD Why is Tiger Woods a better golfer than you? He's a better golfer than you because he can twist himself up into a pretzel without breaking several vertebras in his back. (Well that and the fact that he's had a club in his hand since he could walk, and his dad is a green beret, and the good Lord blessed him with some raw talent.) However, be that as it may, let's focus on what we can do to become more like Tiger.

Flexibility is the key to a good golf swing. Tiger and all the best golfers in the world have tremendous flexibility. One of the keys to a powerful accurate golf swing is the full turn. During his back swing, Tiger Woods turns his shoulders behind the golf ball and his back at the target while limiting the turn in his hips. At the top of the back swing as his weight moves to the left side, his hips release towards the target while his shoulders stay square to the target line, and his spine angle and head do not move. If Tiger did this without a club in his hand, we'd all think he was a circus performer.

Many golfers have discovered yoga as a key to improving their flexibility and, in turn, their golf swing. In Yoga For Golfers Level 1 & Level 2, Katherine Roberts takes you through the first two levels of yoga. You will learn techniques that will develop core strength and improve your range of movement.

I can't recommend these DVDs enough. Katherine has worked with many Pros, among them Gary McCord, David Duval, Annika Sorenstam, and Se Ri Pak.

I haven't read anything specific about Tiger doing yoga, but I did read in Men's Health last year that he spends 40-50 minutes of stretching before his workout routine. For all practical purposes, that's the same thing as doing yoga.

You may never be as flexible as Tiger, but you sure can be more flexible than you are now.

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