Wilson Tour Men’s Wedge Club TW9

Sharp Grooved Milled Satin

Posted by Robert

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Wilson Tour Wedge Club TW9 This wedge utilizes space age polymers! It's has an "elastomeric" coating in the back which improves feel and provides a softer impact across the entire face.

The wedge is also very sharp, literally. The grooves are the sharpest, deepest, and widest as USGA allows. You should have no problem around the greens getting your ball to one hop and stop.

The look of the wedge is pretty cool, too. It looks very modern, and the black (previously noted) elastomeric insert is a nice addition.

The best thing about the wedge is its playability and forgiveness. It is very easy to hit off the fairway. It is reliable for those difficult flop shots. And it provides a very consistent, easy-to-control ball flight.

The drawback is the feel. It is a bit hard, and off-center shots feel horrible. Also, it doesn't provide a lot of creativity for playing a wide variety of shots around the green.

I would recommend this wedge to the average golfer who is looking for a forgiving wedge that will provide more consistency. If you are struggling getting your ball in the air and spinning it on the green, this is a great club for you.

If you are more advanced and want a great feeling "players" wedge, check out the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Oil Can Wedge.

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