Tour Edge Exotics Fairway Wood Club XCG-3

Weighted Tungsten for Long Distance

Posted by Robert

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Tour Edge Exotics Fairway Wood ClubHave you seen any of these Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs? The name kind of sounds like some of those clubs you see at Wally World. But take another look, because the Exotic brand is a major player and the clubs are built with all the modern technology of that Nike Driver you are swinging.

This XCG-3 wood was built with distance in mind. Let's get into some of the nuts and bolts of this thing. For those of you easily bored, skip down to the bottom, otherwise please turn in your text books to Chapter 3: Tungsten.

Tungsten is twice as heavy as steel. The designers over at Tour Edge built the sole out of this material to get all of the weight to the bottom, thus creating a very low center of gravity. In addition, the 3 wood head is put together with brazing, not welding. (Nickent Golf uses a similar technology.)

What does all this mean? A club face that is super hot. If you are looking for more distance, you are not going to find a better fairway wood.

I recommend this to you distance fanatics. Add this to the bag and you'll get a lot more distance then your current 3 wood. You may even hit it further then your driver.

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