Tommy Armour 845 Irons, Men’s LH

Ti 1 & 2 Club Set w/ Uniflex Graphite Shaft

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Tommy Armour 845 Irons, Men's LH My first set of "good" irons were Wilson Staff tour blades in 2-SW. Though rare (for me), a purely struck shot with one of those irons was not only a thing of beauty to see, but also a nearly sensual experience to the hands and ears. After a while, I got to where I could hit them all pretty well, with one exception: the 2-iron. Looking down on that thin sliver of chrome-covered metal made me think I was using a butter knife rather than a golf club. However, hope came my way one day in the form of the Tommy Armour 845s Ti 2-iron. While it retained the look (or close enough) from the top of my Wilson blade, the club was a dream to hit. With its lightweight titanium head, smart cavity back design, and graphite shaft, I could once again carry a 2-iron I had confidence in and could actually hit. After my pleasantly surprising results with the 2-iron, I ventured so far as to find a 1-iron. Though a 1-iron is a difficult club to hit, even in the best of circumstances, the Tommy Armour 845s Ti was once again equal to the task.

Though some golf purists will argue the point, most would agree that Armour has created a rather attractive and highly functional 1 & 2-iron in titanium. The club is strong yet lightweight and gives you a solid and satisfying bit of feedback on a well-struck shot. With its perimeter weighted design, off-center hits are less obvious and the "sting" a little less sharp to the senses. One last thing that really made these a good choice for me was the fact they were left-handed. If you're a lefty golfer, then you know the frustration of finding what you think is the perfect club, only to find out it's unavailable in a left-hand version. No such frustration exists with the Tommy Armour 845s Ti 1 & 2-iron.

My only gripe (and it's minor) about these clubs is the shaft Tommy Armour has equipped them with. It's graphite, which is good for such long irons -- but it is Uniflex, which is a bit too soft for someone who would (or should) seriously consider carrying a 1 or 2-iron in their bag. Despite that, my overall satisfaction with this club was very high, and they are available at a very reasonable price. All-in-all, these are a great value and worthy of consideration if your game allows.

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