Titleist ZM Forged Irons

Men’s Blade Club Set 3-PW w/ Steel Shaft

Posted by Jess

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I’m starting to really get ticked off at my Cobra Gravity Backs. I bring them to my local driving range and pro shop (where they often allow you to try out new or used sets of clubs in hopes you’ll buy something new).

I’m getting more and more tempted, because I can hit these Titleist irons farther than my Cobras. These ZM forged irons are really pretty sweet. They look sleek and shiny, and feel traditional enough and not strangely weighted or offset. They swing easy and have that common balanced center of gravity that makes this brand of irons so famous.

These practically spit in the face of the cavity back irons such as the Adams A3OS or even my gravity backs. Blades are usually designed for the more “skilled” golfer, but honestly, I was thumping these a pretty fair distance and with some accuracy.

Some. I said some.

These babies have a nice, stiff true temper steel shaft and really shine with a sexy, shiny almost-chrome look to them. These definitely will draw some attention when you show up to the course with them -- just make sure that you hit well with them to maintain the type of attention you want on the course.

Find these irons on eBay:

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