Titleist Tour Golf Balls NXT for Distance and Spin Control

Posted by Robert

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Titleist Tour Golf Balls NXT forI grabbed a sleeve of these NXT Tours last Sunday in the pro shop before my round. I believe the three balls cost me $8.99. I wanted to try them because I heard on television that it was basically the same ball as the Pro V1X (my favorite ball) but with a slightly different cover.

I was pleasantly surprised, and I really enjoyed playing this NXT tour ball. The first thing I did was bounce the ball on my wedge to listen and see if it felt hard. I didn't really notice much difference than my trusted Pro V1Xs.

The ball's cover is made of what Titleist calls "Fusablend." As far as feel goes, It is probably about as close to urethane as it gets without actually being urethane.

The NXT tour is a multilayer ball just like the Pro V1X. I hit it about the same distance on my drives, but it seemed like with my long irons it was going further with more roll, which was a surprise to me because the course wasn't super dry.

On short iron shots, the ball spun great, and around the greens it felt just as good as the Pro V1X. I will continue to play this ball on rotation with the Pro V1X and Pro V1.

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