Titleist Mesh Golf Hat, Flexible

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Posted by Robert

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Titleist Mesh Golf Hat, Flexible I wonder why nobody has invented a better golf hat yet. You ever notice we all just look like baseball players going to a wedding? We have nice leather shoes and a button-up collared shirt tucked into our neatly ironed slacks with a fancy belt. But from the neck up, we all just look like we are playing centerfield for the Yankees. We might as well have a big "chaw" in our cheek and be constantly adjusting ourselves. Seriously, can't we come up with our own identity? I suggest a fedora with a long brim in front.

Okay, enough nonsense. This Titleist mesh hat is one of the most popular ones I've seen around the golf course. Not only is it stylish, but the mesh hat breathes and keeps you cool. I like the flexible fit as well rather than the hats with the adjustable straps in back. Those hats end up leaving my bald head with a tan line that looks like I have a mouse door in the back of my skull.

This hat comes in white or black. (Wow, quite an array of colors to choose from.) And one size fits all. That is, unless you have a head the size of a watermelon, or a grape. If this is the case, I suggest you try a bandana.

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