Titleist Iron Club Set, Chrome 735

Progressive Long Distance High Spin

Posted by Robert

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Titleist Iron Club Set, Chrome 735 Ahh, I love these irons. These are the irons that I am currently playing. (Well, not currently -- I'm writing a review, but on Saturday I will be playing them.)

I've played these for about 2 or 3 years. I can't say it was love at first round, because I had to grow into them a little bit. I was playing the Titleist 690s before. They are a bit bigger, and all of them are cavity back. These 735s have a progressive back, with the long irons being full cavity back, progressing to the short irons which are a full muscle back.

I have to put a good swing on these irons to appreciate what they can do. I couldn't get away with my lazy arm swing, especially with the muscle backs because they would make a awful thud and go nowhere.

However, when you make a good turn and hit this irons on the screws, it feels like no other -- and the ball has a penetrating ball flight that lands on the green with a lot of spin.

I would recommend these to irons to any 10 handicapper and below.

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