Titleist AP1 Irons, Cavity Back

Mens Golf Clubs Set for High Handicap, Tungsten Weighted

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Titleist AP1 Irons, Cavity Back Titleist built these AP1s for you "aspiring golfers." That's a euphemism for: "You stink!" (I'm not in marketing, so I don't have to use words like "aspiring.") Consider me like your doctor -- I'm giving it to you straight so you can hit the ball straight. These Titleist AP1 Irons will help you terrible "sucky-wucky" golfers hit the ball better. Read on to find out how.

"AP" stands for Advanced Performance, and Titleist bravely started fresh with these irons when they came out in 2008. This set (and the AP2s) feature tungsten sole weights, flashy graphics on the back of the iron, and an elastomer cushion to improve feel.

As far as the flashy graphics go, I'm not a real big fan. I don't like the lines and the writing. I'd prefer a much cleaner look. However, when you set them at address, you don't see the back of the club anyway -- so it's not a deal-breaker for me. The tungsten weights help raise the MOI and make the cavity back club even more forgiving. They also add to the balance of the club. And my favorite thing about this club is the elastomer cushion. They really have improved the feel, especially mishits, without taking away too much feedback.

I would highly recommend these irons to any double digit handicapper. The oversized cavity back will help you get the ball airborne quickly. Not only that, I like these irons because they allow you to grow and get better. The irons aren't huge, clunky ping pong paddles like I see with a lot of other club makers in their "aspiring" game improvement market. As your doctor, I advise you to get these clubs, go to the range twice a week, and call me in the morning.

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