Tec Plus Womens Offset Driver Golf Club

Ladies Maximum COR Titanium Matrix 460cc

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Tec Plus Womens Offset Driver Golf Club This driver is $28. How the heck can they do that? They are giving these things away. I paid more for my last golf shirt then this golf club. Let's take a closer look:

This driver's big claim to fame is its maxed-out C.O.R. Without getting too technical, C.O.R. is the trampoline effect that a golf club has. The higher the C.O.R., the more the ball springs off of the face and rockets into the air down the fairway. Unfortunately, the USGA puts a limit to how much C.O.R. our drivers can have. Otherwise, we'd all be hitting the ball 400 yards.

The TecPlus Ladies Driver has the maximum allowable C.O.R. Plus, it has an offset hosel to help you close the clubface, and the driver head is a huge, forgiving 460cc driver head. (Also the max you can buy.)

This driver is very cheap and would be fine for a beginner just looking to go out and give golf a try for the first time. If you already know you are going to play more than once or twice, I would recommend you get something a little higher end.

Check out the Cobra S2 Offset Ladies Driver. It's a very forgiving driver that is easy to swing and will be in your bag for 2 or 3 years at least.

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