Suunto Digital Golf Watch G6

Wrist Top Computer w/ Training Software

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Suunto Digital Golf Watch G6 I really want this watch. I'm not a gadget guy, and I don't wear a watch, but I really want this watch.

Where do I start? This watch is the golf geek's ideal toy, especially if you're the kind of golf geek that analyzes the ba-jeepers out of everything. (I'm not that guy, but I golf with many that are.) I have a friend that can tell you how many greens he hit on some random golf course that he played three years ago for fun with his dad.

This watch will not only keep score, but it will keep track of all your stats (GIRs, Putts, FIRs). It will also keep track of your handicap, and you can enter the handicaps of your playing partners, and the watch will keep you updated on who's ahead without you having to do the math.

The absolute coolest thing about this watch is: It measures your tempo and swing speed while you swing! Let's face it -- tempo is a huge aspect to your golf swing, and this little tool will give you some resources that not many golfers have at their finger tips. What's more is it's pretty darn cool to know how fast you are swinging, too. Simply plug in the club you are swinging into the watch and swing. The watch will tell you your swing speed.

A couple of things you might want to pick up to go along with this watch: the book "Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed." This will give you a better understanding of tempo and some great drills to copy the tempo of the pros. And, of course, you need a Cable and Software Upgrade Kit. This is the golf manager software that analyzes and identifies your trouble areas.

That being said, it's your choice if you want to buy the software -- it's a bit pricey. I always contend that most people from a purely analytical point of view already know what they need to work on. In other words, you don't need a computer telling you that you need to hit more fairways, or stop three putting.

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