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Posted by Robert

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Sonocaddie V100 GPS Unit Here's another GPS golf device. I tell you what -- between our cell phones, our iPods, our Blackberrys and now our golf GPS, we're just going to be a species of people walking around with our heads down punching buttons and living in the Matrix.

This Sonocaddie is a more economical version of the Sky Caddie (my personal favorite). It will give you exact yardages to your target, or the distance you just hit the ball, or the distance to the hazard. The display is not nearly as grand as the Sky Caddie, but it gets the job done just the same, and what's more, you only have to pay a one-time lifetime fee of $29.99 to download any course.

The Sonocaddie is a bit drab and not that appealing to me. I like a little more pizzazz. The Sonocaddie is more like Pong, as compared to the Sky Caddie being Sony Playstation.

However, you could buy several rounds of golf for what you save buying the Sonocaddie. Whichever one you buy it will definitely improve your game, especially if you are unsure of how far you hit your clubs. In addition, it will speed up your round.

Just please try to keep your head up, would you?

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