Rexton Multi Texture Hand Grip Kit

Black & Red w/ Tape, Vice Clamp

Posted by Robert

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Rexton Multi Texture Hand Grip Kit So it's time to re-grip your clubs and you're planning on spending your Saturday working in the garage. These Rexton Black and Red Texture Grips look suspiciously like a name brand leader in the grip world. I won't mention any names, but suffice to say, you might want to have a little more Pride when shelling out for a nice grip.

This Rexton Multi-Texture Grip kit comes with 13 grips, some grip tape strips, and a vice clamp. These are knockoff discount grips. If you aren't that picky about your grips then go for it, but I would recommend you spend a few more dollars and buy Golf Pride grips. I've used Golf Pride grips for years and have always loved them. They have a great feel with a nice tacky surface, and I get many years out of them.

Whichever brand you go with, make sure you read all the instructions (included with the kit) before jumping into this project, as it's a little tricky to get the hang of at first. Of course you could take the sticks down to your local golf shop and spend your precious day fishing or napping.

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