Pride Golf Tees, Long Professional Wooden

Natural Wood 3 1/4 Inch

Posted by Robert

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Pride Golf Tees, Long Wooden I bet I can add yardage to your tee shot without ever seeing your swing. It's simple: Tee your golf ball up higher. To get the best advantage with our huge modern-day drivers, you've got to get the ball up off of the ground.

This is a pet peeve that I have with my father, a 30+ handicapper, when we go out and play a round. If he pops up one drive (hitting it higher in the air than intended), then he immediately starts teeing the ball lower and lower. This is not good, because it will encourage you to start swinging down on the ball, and your swing plane will become steeper. This is an absolute no-no with your driver and will lead to very inconsistent, short drives.

For the best results, you want to hit your driver on the upswing. This is why we play it off our left heel and tee the ball up high. This will encourage you to have a flatter swing plane (or more shallow, swinging around your body).

A good rule of thumb is: After setting your driver directly behind your golf ball at address, the top of your driver-face should bisect the ball in the middle or at the equator of the golf ball. It's okay if you go even higher, but not lower!

Try it on the driving range to get used to swinging more around your body before you take it out on the golf course. Make sure you have a set of these long tees or something like them, because those short standard tees are not going to work.

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