Plano Cargo Golf Cart Bag

Black Luggage w/ Wheels PRO 1100

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Plano Cargo Golf Cart Bag This is an interesting idea. It looks like a hybrid. No, not a hybrid golf club, but a hybrid golf bag. The Plano Cargo Golf PRO 1100 has combined your typical cart bag with your heavy duty travel cover, giving us a golf bag that looks like it could withstand a nuclear fallout.

This will hold your whole set of clubs with a 48" driver. It has a 9-way club divider, and the crush-resistant top fits on with a patented self-retracting locking pin design. It has ball bearing skate wheels and built-in cart and trunk lift grips.

I like this idea because I'm one of those impatient guys who likes to get off the airplane, drive straight out to the golf course, and be ready to go. With this bag, all you have to do to travel with it is pop on the top and you're good to go. It's so rugged, the baggage handlers could drop in from the Empire State Building and your clubs would be fine.

However, on the downside, Amazon shows the shipping weight of this tank as 30lbs, and that's before you fill it up with your clubs and balls, etc. You're going to be pushing at least 60 or 70 lbs. by the time you're ready to hop on the plane for Maui.

This isn't a problem if you have an army of guys to help you lug it around and you plan on taking a golf cart when you get to the course. As for me, I like to carry my clubs when I play or throw it on a pull or push cart. Thus, I may go with the traditional empty hard shell type cover that I can just throw in my nice light carry bag.

Hmm, a hybrid golf bag. Interesting. What will they think up next?

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