Ping i15 Irons Review

Men’s Long Iron, Progressive w/ Max Forgiveness

Posted by Jess

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Ping i15 Irons Review How much better are the Ping i15 irons over the i10s? Supposedly, it is much more than simply answering "five times better." Get it? (And my math teacher said I would never amount to anything.) With similar lines and the same thinner top line, they look like a very close comparison. I am very skeptical when upgrading from year to year. Why is it I can use the same golf club for more than a few years? I admit that upon further examination, the i15s do look like they are more "squared off" at address -- giving some people a more confident look.

I read that that a lot of people complained that the the I10s were tough to hit. So they made the I15s more playable. One thing I noticed is the long irons don’t look the same as the short irons. The set is progressive. Does this mean they are vegetarians? (I don’t get that one either.) You see the longer irons that are tough to hit are built to be more forgiving. They have a cavity back with weighting in the heal and toe to make them easy to swing. As you the set get shorter and easier to hit the irons look a little more traditional. The short irons are smaller so that you can work them easier. For example, if I want to flight my 9 iron lower with spin than I can pull that off. Or open up my pitching wedge and hit a high cut.

Upon hitting both sets of clubs, I was completely unaware of any difference whatsoever. I found myself wondering why anyone would pay more for a number that was simply higher than another. I understood the idea of the customization with the "dot" series, and granted, I did not necessarily have the i10s fit perfectly to me and my swing. Therefore, I may have not received an accurate representation of what the 10s would really feel like.

Then I started comparing the longer irons. Oh. My. Word. I was immediately impressed with the forgiveness and confidence that I experienced with the i15s. These clubs are truly designed for someone along my lines -- they are honestly easier to hit than any other long iron that I’ve hit.. While it can be embarrassing for me to admit that I would choose clubs that were "designed" for more of a... novice... These clubs are fine because they are right in the middle. Although I feel like hacker using the big long irons, when I pull out the short irons, I can play a wide variety of shots. Plus who cares if it dropps my scores and increased my confidence level on the course. This is honestly a solid club and worth the extra amount especially if you struggle with your mid to long irons. If you were to had a couple hybrids and a fairway wood to this set, it would be the perfect set.

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