Pelz Black Wedge Review

Bobby Jones Golf 60 or 52 Degree Loft

Posted by Jess

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Pelz Black Wedge Review Pelz, huh? Call me a mainstream brand nerd, but I have not heard of the David Pelz namesake brand. I have heard of Bobby Jones, so I was excited to check out this wedge. Now you won't hear me say this too often, but folks -- this club is downright pretty. I currently use a Cleveland wedge that used to be this nice -- black and pearly -- but now it is scuffed and "used."

This wedge, unlike mine, also is designed to retain its face friction and groove integrity for longer than normal wedges. I actually did not know this, but tour players often change their wedges several times throughout the season in order to maintain a fresh face for greater control, spin, and stopping power.

I just wipe the sand of mine and throw it back in my bag. It felt heavy to me, but as I messed with it, my opinion changed from "heavy" to "solid." The club addresses nice when you take your stance, and seems like it would give you confidence for that 60-70 yard shot. It came in a 52- and 60-degree version -- my test run being a 60-degree. The loft was definitely there, but I couldn't get very good spin on mine -- call it user error and move on.

Overall, it seemed to me that the club was nice -- although the wedge price seemed higher than other mainstream brands that I have seen, including a new version of my Cleveland.

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