Odyssey Bronze Blade Putter w/ Alignment Aid

Weighted White Hot Tour 2

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey White Hot Tour 2 Putter This blade style putter is very similar to the Odyssey White Hot Black #2 that I've been playing with for years, only the Hot Tour series takes it to the next level.

The White Hot Tour series features a bronzed tour finish which reduces glare. It has "tour-tuned" weight ports in the sole, which Odyssey uses to optimize the weight proportionally to the shaft length. The Tour insert has a resilient elastomer core and a thin outer surface infused with urethane. This insert is slightly firmer than that of the White Hot XG for better feedback and a fine-tuned responsiveness.

The reason I like these scoop back blades is because they have a very responsive feel, and the square putter face combined with the single-line alignment aid is very easy to line up square to my target and keep square throughout my stroke.

I would recommend this putter for those golfers who can appreciate a very responsive putter. In addition, this heel-shafted putter is better for the "open and shut the gate" style of putting. If you have a more "straight back and straight through" stroke, take a look at the Odyssey White Hot Tour #2 Center Shafted Putter.

Finally remember these Tour Putters are designed for the elite player. This is the closest thing to a custom putter as you will find. With the weight ports in the sole dependant on the length of the shaft, the putter is weighted specifically for the length. This combined with the firmer insert gives the putter a balance and sensitivity that better players look for.

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