Odyssey F7 Putter

2 Ball Alignment White Hot XG

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey F7 Putter "Scotty, I need more power!"

This putter looks just like the spaceship from the TV show Star Trek. Odyssey dropped the ball with the name. They should have called it the White Hot XG SS Enterprise.

Let's take a gander. This is a 2-Ball putter with a little "flare." Wings have been added. This putter is from Odyssey's White Hot XG line. The White Hot XG features a multilayer insert with soft elastomer for feel and a truer roll, and a thin outer striking surface infused with urethane. The light insert combined with the additional wings gives the putter a higher MOI than the traditional 2-Ball putter and a completely different look.

I typically don't like these crazy shaped putters, but this is a smart modification. I love the straight lines! It is a lot easier to line up square to the target when you have straight lines instead of angles.

However, they need to add a dot or line on the clubhead for alignment. With this small addition, I would have given this putter an A+ instead of an A-.

All in all, this is a great modification to the typical 2-Ball putter, and I would recommend this White Hot XG SS Enterprise, urrr sorry, I mean F7 Putter.

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