Odyssey Divine Line Putter

Women’s 2 Ball Mallet Head

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey Divine Line Putter My buddy Joe showed up for our last round with his Odyssey 2-ball putter. It caught me by surprise because he usually putts with the Black Series #2 Blade putter, the same putter I use. But like many of us golfers he is always dabbling and switching around when something goes awry, and he had been struggling with his putting stroke.

I'm not a big fan of the two ball putter; albeit, they are in the bags of some of the tour pros like Annika Sorenstam. The two-ball design is a mallet head with a hollow middle. This pushes a large percentage of the weight to the back, helping the club to swing more easily and lowering the center of gravity to help promote a pure roll off of the putter face. The big ol' head is designed to be easy to line up square.

Except it's in the alignment where they lose me. Where the heck is the line or dot? Have you noticed that the two balls have no alignment aid? Yours truly tried drawing one on the club with a sharpie, but unfortunately it bleeds, and the line ends up fuzzy. I did manage with the help of some tape to get a thin line drawn that didn't bleed, but it was a pain in the butt taping and waiting for the ink to dry. I've noticed that the some of the guys on the tour have a line on their 2 baller that obviously was custom built for them. I don't know why Odyssey hasn't come out with a 2-ball with a line on it that the rest of us can buy.

This particular putter in the Odyssey's Divine Line is designed for women. Basically they sawed off a few inches, and dressed it up with "feminine graphics" (matching purse and earrings sold separately).

As for my friend Joe, he putted great for a few rounds with his Odyssey 2 baller, but it inevitably went astray and has been placed back into solitary confinement. He's wielding the blade once again.

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