Odyssey Black Series 2 Blade Putter

Nickel Plated w/ Alignment Aid

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey Black Series 2 Blade Putter Putting is the bane of my existence. If driving is like punching the throttle of a jumbo jet, than putting is the finesse of setting the thousand-pound steel giant softly on the runway. Unfortunately, the way I drive, I'm usually missing the runway altogether and having to belly in on the Hudson River.

I consider myself a good putter, and I've tried quite a few putters as well. The Odyssey Black Series #2 putter is my #1 putter. I've been playing with this pretty much exclusively for the last 3 years. I love everything about it. It sets up at address beautifully, and with the nickel plated finish it is just aesthetically pleasing to look down at. The weighting is ideal, and the club feels like an extension of my arms.

Functionally, what I like best about the club is its square face and the line drawn on for alignment, because it's easy to line up square to the target line and keep it square throughout the stroke. The face is made of a soft eurathane dampening layer that reduces vibration, but gives incredible feedback in your hands. Even the grip has a fantastic feel which, although it has flat front, isn't tacky.

I'll admit I've occasionally gone through patches where I'll switch to a mallet putter. The mallet putter with its heavier feel helps me get my tempo back when I'm struggling with my stroke. That being said, I always return to my trusty Black Series #2 Putter.

When my driver leaves me and sends me into a tail spin, it's the putter that pulls me out before I hit the water, and this putter has kept me from going down in flames more times than I care to count.

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