Odyssey Black 1 Blade Putter

Carbon Steel Tungsten w/ Alignment Aid

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey Black 1 Blade Putter I sometimes refer to clubs as beautiful or pretty. No, this isn't because I have no life or no girlfriend, and thus I have love for inanimate objects. However, I will say I'll match a beautiful putter like this one up against some sexy calendar girl any day.

Let's have a look-see. I'm salivating now, as I love looking at these Odyssey Black Series Putters. At address, the nickel-plated finish is pleasing to the eye. This putter is not all steel-milled but rather a multi-material construction that uses 1025 carbon steel and a tungsten flange.

This tungsten flange moves the weight to the back of the putter head for a lower, deeper center of gravity. The hosel is hallowed out as well, making all the weight low and deep.

I've been putting with the Black Series #2 for a few years and I love it. The #1 and #2 are pretty much the same putter except for a few small differences. Model #2 has slightly more weight and a little less loft, and the clubhead is a little squarer.

The best thing about these putters is the clubs great feel due to the dampening system. The Black Series has a urethane dampening layer between the tungsten and carbon steel. Thus the putter feels extremely smooth.

Finally, with the square face and a line drawn on for alignment, it's easy to line up square to the target line and keep it square throughout the stroke.

So maybe I have a crush on my putter. Big deal. And regardless of whether I have a life or not, well, that's irrelevant.

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