Odyssey 2 Ball Standard Putter

White Hot XG Mallet, Large Clubhead

Posted by Robert

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Odyssey 2 Ball Standard Putter This is your basic 2-Ball putter that Odyssey is known for. When it came out this was one of the most popular putters ever. The big appeal was the large forgiving clubhead and the 2 balls made for easy alignment.

This putter is from Odyssey's White Hot XG line. The White Hot XG features a multilayer insert with soft elastomer for feel and a truer roll, and a thin outer striking surface infused with urethane.

I like this 2-ball putter for its great feel and balance. The putter is much lighter than it looks, and I was surprised how much feel I actually had with such a large clubhead.

However, one thing I do not like about this club is the lack of a line or dot for alignment. I realize the 2 golf balls are designed for alignment, but nevertheless I like to have something small and precise, like a dot or line when I'm lining up those 4-foot putts to win all the skins.

Odyssey does make a 2-ball putter with a line that I like much better. Check out the Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball SRT Lined Putter.

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