Nippon Steel Wedge Shaft

NS Pro WV 115, Balance Weighted to Replace 80-100g

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Nippon Steel Wedge Shaft Buying a golf club without understanding the shaft is like buying a car without understanding the engine. The shaft is the most important part of the golf club, and lucky for us, they come in all different shapes, weights, and sizes. If you just learned to drive but bought an Indy car, you are setting yourself up for some serious problems. Likewise, if you are an accomplished driver looking to go on a road trip, you don't want a go-cart.

A good place to start is your wedge. It might be a good idea to re-shaft it as a lot of the shafts that come standard are not that great. Bad shafts can lead to golfers altering their swings and obviously inconsistent shots. Your wedge is one of your scoring clubs. It's almost as important as your putter.

This Nippon NS Pro WV 115 Steel Wedge Shaft is a good shaft because of the balance and weighting. Nippon uses good quality base materials to achieve the optimal weight and balance in the parts of the shaft where it is most important, like the butt section and the tip.

This shaft in particular, the WV 115 steel, is for golfers who currently use shafts that are between 80 to 100 grams. The actual weight of the shaft is 122 grams with a mid to low flight pattern.

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