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Nicklaus Premium Junior SetMy ten-year-old niece loves Michele Wie. Now she can't wait to go golfing with her uncle. My brother bought her a mini set of golf clubs, the Nicklaus Premium Junior Set for ages 9-12. At first I was a little skeptical as she swung from her heels and never made contact with anything. Well that's not entirely true; she did catch me in the side of the head while I was bent over teeing up her golf ball.

These clubs come with a driver, a fairway wood, a mid and short iron, a putter, and a stand bag. All the clubs are oversized and designed to get the ball airborne quickly. Sure enough, once she settled down she started making contact, and the ball took off into the air. She giggled and giggled. She was hooked.

I would recommend this set for any child (in the specified age group) who has never played golf before. Even if they don't get the hang of it right away, they'll enjoy throwing the bag over their shoulder and following you around on the practice green or the driving range.

These clubs are moderately priced, but keep in mind they're designed for beginners. My niece grew out of them in a few months. If you want your child to go to the next level, be prepared to shell out quite a bit more. Thank you very much, Michele Wie!

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