Mizuno MX 900 Irons Review

Forged w/ Tungsten Weights, Award Winning

Posted by Jess

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I have to admit.  Until now, I have had zero experience with Mizuno.  My only experience prior to writing this was picking that brand of clubs for my “Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2009” Wii game.  And the only reason I picked those is that the virtual Mizuno company “sponsored” my computer avatar and paid him money to use the clubs in a tournament...

...in which I placed third.  Must have been the clubs.

Interesting clubs.  The tech-talk behind these is that they are “Grain Flow Forged with Hollow Technology,” and they sport tungsten weights for lower center of gravity.  They have won several “Editors’ Choice” awards in golf magazine reviews, and seem to be fairly prevalent even on the tour.  I just haven’t tried them during my golf career until now.

They’re light.  They feel good.  Unfortunately, they didn’t “wow” me like the Callaway X-22 irons even though these were much less expensive.  In addition, I may have had a less than desirable experience because I swung the regular flex graphite shaft clubs.  Let’s face it -- I just swing too darn fast.  Overall, these are definitely the right clubs for the right individual -- and with the lightweight feel and greater flexibility, maybe they would be perfect for a player who doesn’t want to be “Captain Speedy Swing.”

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