Mizuno Golf Wedge Club, Soft MP T-10

Forged Flex Steel Grooved w/ Satin Finish

Posted by Robert

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Mizuno Golf Wedge Club, Soft MP T-10 Ever heard of a "Quad-Cut" groove? Wow, it sounds like it could put spin on a bowling ball! Mizuno says it allows them to control the width, depth, and draft angle and shoulder radius of each groove. This, of course, gives the wedge an incredible grab, and makes it extremely easy to spin your golf ball on the green.

In addition, the MP T-10 features a one-piece "Grain Flow Forged" construction. This gives the wedge an incredibly soft (yet solid and consistent) feel. This wedge has the softest impact feel of any wedge that you will hit.

This is a player's wedge. The best thing about it is the ability to play a wide range of shots and be very creative around the greens. Whether you want to hit a super lob shot or a low checker, this club will provide you with the goods to pull it off.

What I don't like about the wedge is it might be too precise. When hitting bunker shots, it slices through the sand almost too well.

I would recommend this wedge for low handicappers and good players. It's very comparable to my favorite: Vokey's Spin Milled Oil Can Wedge.

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