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Mizuno MP-68 | Forged Carbon Steel

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Mens Tour Quality Iron Club Set Feast your eyes on these new Mizuno irons. I think Mizuno makes the most beautiful irons of all the major club makers. But buyer beware, these clubs are blades designed for exceptional players.

The MP-68 irons are Mizuno's latest and greatest tour quality clubs. It looks to be shaped from the classic MP-33 iron which is extremely popular. However, these irons have the most recent technology packed into this high performance blade. These bad boys have "3D muscle technology" which is the product of computer optimization. This moves the center of gravity location lower and deeper in the face than any other blade Mizuno has ever made. This, in addition, provides the MP-68 to have stronger lofts than previous blades.

The MP-68s have a "patented grain flow forged 1025E pure select mild carbon steel," which gives the club a soft but solid feel. They have modified U-grooves with provide a lot of spin on the ball and give you the ultimate in workability.

Finally, the MP-68s has a rolled leading edge and trailing edge. This gives the iron a better contact with the turf, and the flattened mid-sole gives you more accurate ball striking.

I would certainly recommend these clubs to any low handicapper (if you think you can handle them). However, if you are little intimidated, you might take a look at the MP-58s. This is a very similar design, but with its cavity back design it is more forgiving.

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