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Orthopedic Arthritis Leather Support GGPMRXL

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Men's Pro Bionic Glove "We can build him stronger!"  Do you remember this from the opening to that old TV show starring Lee Majors as The 50 Million Dollar Man? I think this show was on in the late '70s or early '80s. (I am really dating myself now.) They took this guy that had been in a plane crash and rebuilt him with spare parts from a used Oldsmobile (not really) and turned him into "The Bionic Man." (Just think of Robocop, but wearing bell bottom jeans.)

Now you too can possess superpowers with the Bionic Glove. These revolutionary gloves are designed by an orthopedic surgeon and are enhanced for people with arthritis or hand problems. They are made of special sheepskin leather that is washable. (Of course, nobody wants to deal with funky bionics.)

Usually this is the place where I would insert some extremely biting sarcastic remark alluding to how silly these Bionic Gloves are, but I feel like I've grown.

Instead, I will use this precious space for a golf tip: There's nothing wrong with wearing a glove, especially if you have hands that are prone to sweating. However, if you get blisters on your hands or suffer from cramping, then you are gripping the club too tightly. Just like Freddy Couples, I've never worn a golf glove, and I've never had a problem, with the exception of those long days on the range where I over-practiced.

If you want a quality golf glove, check out the TaylorMade Targa Tour Cabretta Leather Golf Glove.   It's a high quality, comfortable golf glove. As far as the bionics go, I suggest we leave that to The 50 Million Dollar Man. I bet that guy could hit the heck out of a golf ball.

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